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Corporate Wellness


Based on the book, The Workforce Engagement Equation, this game highlights the principles, tools, and techniques proven effective in leading and managing the “people side” of process improvement for leaders. The five categories are: Forming; Focusing; Committing; Sustained Performance; Renewal. Bridge the gap between strategies and tactics to navigate the complex waters of organizational change with a easily understandable explanations and real world examples in a relaxed, enjoyable environment.



Attracting and retaining employees who self-manage their health and wellbeing is paramount to corporate healthcare expense mitigation and critical to building a creative and competitive business in today’s marketplace. Prepare your cohesive work team to be their happiest and most productive by enhancing their knowledge of the following five categories: Medical; Workplace; Food Choices; Prevention & Fitness. Whether you are a manager striving to inspire or an organization grooming CNAs for the transition into Nursing, this intervention is just what the doctor  ordered.


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