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Winning the Training Game itself is a 4 foot by 5 foot proprietary learning delivery system in a "board game" format using "gamification methodology" that brings people face-to-face to learn and master information in a fun, engaging atmosphere.

Eight to twelve people play and answer tough questions, formulate approaches, uncover strengths and share best practices in a collaborative and creative way.

There are two distinct categories of games:


UNIVERSAL GAMES are topic specific board games developed by industry professionals with years of research and experience. These games include  inspiring, interactive questions with expert answers to drive "topic specific" learning and information retention. A wide variety of relevant topics include:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Personal Finance and Economics
  • Workplace Readiness Skills
  • OSHA 10/30
  • Customer Service
  • Entrepreneur Essentials
  • Business Communication Skills
  • Project Management
  • Comprehensive Organizational Management
  • Nutrition & Fitness
  • Contract Management (NCMA)
  • Computer Support Fundamentals (A+)
  • Discover Your Value (Prevention of Human Trafficking)
  • Marketing
  • Waitstaff
  • Professional Sales (Industry Specific: Retail Store - Insurance - Real Estate - Manufacturing - Financial Services - Automotive Dealership)

CUSTOM GAMES are created in conjunction with experts in any specific company or organization designed to introduce, teach, and assess any desired subject matter. These games can be created to assist with:

  • Launching a new line
  • Adopting a new company process
  • In support of current training curriculum
  • Training current company methodology
  • Bring a company team together as one
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team Building

Using the Winning the Training Game, LLC gaming system will deliver the following powerful results through gamification methodology:

Knowledge Injection

Traditional training requires multiple hours and multiple sessions to fully comprehend core concepts and curriculum. Our system is designed to keep participant fully engaged and immersed during game play.

Team Building

Most training sessions, even in the best scenarios, are designed as singular and isolated. Our system encourages successful training through team building and collaboration. Teams work together to share best practices and build common ground.

Gap Analysis

In many industries, leaders are under the assumption that upon completion of a training session, participants fully understand concepts and can verbalize these concepts. Our system provides a venue that allows trainers to assess and evaluate the trainees’ level of understanding in a comfortable, yet purposeful environment.

Knowledge Retention

Traditional learning styles limit the number of ways people can receive and retain information. Our training concept encourages participants to share, repeat, and retain learned information. This provides a multiple engagement approach to training.

Training Support

Winning the Training Game, LLC provides a system of support, tailored and customized to fit any corporate or curriculum training, seamlessly and effectively.