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Conferences & Events

Playing our over-sized board games at your conference or event will make it unforgettable!

"It was one of the most engaging, exciting, competitive and outstanding experiences that we hosted on campus!"
Dr. Sweetenburg-Lee Virginia Union University.

Think about the last time you attended a conference. Did you have to fight off boredom? Consider this fresh approach to holding events. Winning The Training Game brings our innovative training game system to your conference. Sessions can include from one to ten tables holding up to twelve participants per table. Participants play, have fun, and experience a fresh approach to conferences, fund raisers, retreats or team building events. Prizes and facilitators for each table are included. Prices vary from $500 to $1,000 per table depending upon size of audience. Topics can be selected from our list of game versions. Have your conference come alive and make it one they will remember for a lifetime! 

Keynote Speeches

Winning The Training Game offers professional conference presenters to captivate your audience. With times ranging from 20 minutes to one hour, timely topics are available for selection. Prices based on event and audience size. Contact us for non-profit pricing. See list below for topics.

  • Can You Hear Me Now? Techniques for Improving Communication in the Workplace
  • Obtaining Victory in Hiring Veterans!
  • The Entrepreneur Spirit – Have You Got What It Takes?
  • Getting Them Involved – Making Training Interactive!
  • Achieving Customer Service Excellence!
  • Creating the All-Inclusive Company Culture
  • Take Control of Your Financial Freedom!
  • CEO Selling – How to Run Your Territory Like a Business
  • The Evolution of Manager to Leader
  • Workplace Readiness – Identifying the Skills Employers are Seeking 
  • Economic Trends – What is on the Financial Horizon?
  • Maintaining Ethical Behavior with Today’s Challenges
  • Understanding the People Side of Process Improvement
  • Build Your Personal Confidence Level Today!