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D. N. "Doc" Massard, MBA Northrop Grumman Corporation

"We use the Jobseeker and Leadership Learning systems, and have found them to be a triumphant means to infuse participant knowledge, while fostering a judgement free atmosphere during and after gameplay."

Brian Finkle Elephant Insurance - Operations Manager

"Agents had a great time participating! You owe it to yourself to at least give it a try and see what it can do for your company."

Dr. James C. Haug, DBA, PE, Longwood College of Business and Economics

"The kinetic learning tool is strongly recommended to help supplement the normal visual and auditory methods used in a classroom!"

Dr. Sweetenburg-Lee Virginia Union University - Interim Vice President Enrollment Affairs & Student Activities

"It was one of the most engaging, exciting, competitive and outstanding experiences that the office of Career Services has hosted on the campus since my arrival in 2009!"

Future Business Leaders of America Conference

"We liked meeting up with the other groups and learning to cooperate together. It taught me that it's not about competing. It's about working together and coming up with the perfect solution."

Gayle Turner Beckett Advisors - Chairman

"The game provides management the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of their training investment, and playing the game is fun - a rare experience in most training classes."

Jack Sweet U.S. Airforce - Base Community Support Coordinator

“We used the Diversity and Inclusion Game version to support our Air Force Diversity curriculum and it brought the team together for an innovative training venue in which they could share experiences."

Jeff Horne Institute for Veterans Education and Training (IVET) & Brigadier General, USA (Retired)
"People are not used to interacting today - it's a dying art. The most important thing about this, when you do multiple interations, the participants actually form a bond that lasts beyond the course. That's why I believe in it."
Kathy Roman My Business Community - Director

"It was one of the best things I could have implemented. I would highly recommend it to any company that has a team that they want to train in an engaging way!"

Dominion Contracted Assets Jody Flippen, NAES Regional Environmental Compliance Coordinator

“The OSHA training game provides a way to have a little excitement and fun while learning about an otherwise often boring and often times unpopular training topic.”

Lisa Zajur Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - Director

"Winning the Training Game was a great success with the students enrolled in our Leadership and Mentoring Program!"

Norah Franchetti Crown Worldwide - Group Vice President

"The game has been excellent-I have used it 4 times now in 4 different countries (USA, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and China) and had good feedback."

Roberta Aigbokhaevbo Thomas Jefferson High School Richmond, Virginia

"I have witnessed the power of Winning The Training Game. This game is a winner!"

Yvette Baker City of Richmond - HR Department

"In my many years of attending seminars, this was one of the most unique ways I've experienced presenting material; the game really brought it home."

Van L. Poindexter Jr. Professor - Life Cycle Logistics Defense Acquisition University

“Thank you for the opportunity to sit through an awesome demonstration of the power of using gaming as a teaching venue!”