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We are a company that combines expertise with high-level trainers to create "gamification-based" education systems using two platforms:

1) Proprietary Board Games

2) Training & Education


We create, deliver and implement training solutions that are fun, relevant and highly effective. "Gamification" is at the root of everything we do. Research shows a learner retains significantly more information when they are engaged...regardless of the topic or venue. WTTG's award-winning Training Solutions have two distinct platforms which embody "gamification" principles that can help you achieve your goals:


Our team of trainers have learned from experience that engagement and audience participation improves knowledge infusion and comprehension. The Game is an oversized board game with oversized dice and playing pieces that offer or can be customized to offer a wide variety of essential topics to support and enhance your training curriculum. Regardless of who participates, once the game comes to a conclusion, the players will have a much better understanding of the subject matter due to the unique and exciting ways it was delivered, discussed and reviewed during play.

There are three types of "Board Game Learning Systems" that can be purchased and used repeatedly to teach, assess, review, and absorb pertinent information. The three types of games can be seen by clicking the following link or by visiting The Game section of our website.


Our executive trainers can be brought into your organization to provide impactful seminars to create focus, improve communication, inject leadership standards, or impart information. "Gamification"principles are utilized by incorporating game play into classroom instruction. A typical session may have two hours of classroom instruction and one hour of game play to review the material and assess understanding. Our "two-thirds" teaching and "one-third" game play format can be condensed to fit a ninety minute or a two hour time slot as needed.

We GUARANTEE results - you can prove your return on any training investment!