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Our Partners Jeff Horne/CEO, Institute for Veterans Education and Training Brigadier General USA

Institute for Veterans Education and Training Brigadier General, USA

Jeff Horne/CEO
Institute for Veterans Education and Training Brigadier General, USA (Retired)
[email protected]

IVET are educators, employment and transition planners, and talent managers skilled in workforce development and individual coaching. IVET is a non-profit enterprise that is devoted to education, job placement, workforce development planning seminars, and the military transition process. Additionally, IVET provides talent management and workforce development services to help companies retain and grow their internal employees. We offer mentor training and assist hiring managers in communicating their employee personal growth and education plans to meet future workforce recapitalization requirements.


Our Partners R.T. Berlin Group LLC (RTBG), Robert T. Berlin/CEO

R.T. Berlin Group LLC (RTBG)

Robert T. Berlin/CEO Robert T. Berlin/CEO
R.T. Berlin Group LLC (RTBG)
[email protected]

The R. T. Berlin Group focuses on two core segments; building knowledge through education and supporting business goals through project portfolio management.

Using “gamification” learning combined with interactive presentations and directed activities, RTBG training consultants provide a unique education experience for its clients, enhancing retention through peer-based information sharing. Employing strategic and tactical project portfolio management, RTBG assists clients with business and technology initiatives and augment the client’s capabilities to reach strategic goals and tactical objectives.


Our Partners FWD think LLC, Rabiah Sutton/CEO


Rabiah Sutton/CEO
[email protected]

FWD think is a niche professional consulting firm dedicated to helping you move your ideas forward.  We offer solution-oriented experts (forward thinkers) with nearly 40 years of innovation in private, public and non-profit markets. FWD think can help eliminate the barriers to entry, increase market share and reduce costs for small, mid-size and large organizations alike. 

Advisory - Training - Shared Services.

 Advisory Services: Whether you are ready to take the next step in your strategic growth plan or need help creating the plan itself, our expertise in professional advisory services spans a wide range of topics and scenarios.

Training Programs: Move your business FWD with our innovative and modern training programs that offer support at every level of the organization with customizable learning paths and always updated compliance solutions.

Shared Services: Focus on your core capabilities and let us handle the rest. Our support and management services are built from the ground up for business owners, by business owners, to provide infinitely flexible options.