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Resilience Conference – July 2019 Huge Success!

What an unforgettable conference! In the morning we had an interactive session to learn critical resilience skills, based on Biblical principles. In the afternoon we experienced The Resilience Game – unlike anything you have seen. Teams worked together, connected together, and supported each other while discovering ways to bounce back from tragedy!

Thank you to all who came and served the Resilience Conference with Bob Dees.

Here’s some of the feedback we’re receiving… Thank you again.


Kay Taylor.

WTTG Resilience Conference July 2019

After belly laughs about the previous question and discussion, our facilitator read the next question directed at the group across the table from us: “My son seems to have lost his way.” How might the parable of the Prodigal Son shown on the illustration help this mother endure the heartbreak she feels?” I turned to my partner to discuss, and I saw a big tear rolling down her cheek. I simply offered, “Tell me about it.” With tears on her face and grief in her voice, she replied “I can only pray for their best.” When the question came to us, she laid out her heart and her undying hope, often without any visible evidence, that her prodigal child would return to God and to her. There was not a dry eye around the table — suddenly the Bible was relevant in a very real way. We all hugged, cried, and soon returned to our belly laughs.
—WTTG Resilience God Style Game Participant

The God Style Resilience Conference was an absolutely amazing experience. Christians from all over the state and beyond came together for fellowship and to learn about dealing with life’s struggles through resilience and faith in the Lord. The Resilience God Style game was the icing on the cake for participants! To watch teams work together and answer biblical questions dealing with keeping your faith during life’s storms was refreshing. Can’t wait until the next one!
—Kevin C.




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