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Winning The Training Game Launches Gamification

Winning The Training Game Launches Gamification

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The proprietary learning delivery system in board game format offered by, provides gamification methodology to help people learn and master new information.


(Glen Allen, VA) According to a recent survey, up to 74 percent of workers felt as though they were not receiving adequate training to reach their full potential on the job. With only 12 minutes of training for companies with less than 100 employees, and just six minutes of training for companies with 100 to 500 employees every six months, it is clear training efforts are lax in many organizations.

To help meet the need of new, better training, Winning the Training Game has launched a proprietary learning delivery system in the format of a board game that implements the use of “Gamification methodology” for training efforts.

“Our Training Game brings workers face-to-face to not only learn, but master new information in an engaging and fun atmosphere,” stated creator Kay Taylor. “With this game, eight to 12 people play and answer tough questions, uncover strengths, formulate approaches and share best practices in a creative and collaborative way. By using the science behind gamification, we are taking training to an entirely new level.”

There are currently two game categories for companies interested in this training method to choose from, including Classic games which are developed by industry experts to provide information on “topic specific” learning, and Custom games, which are created with help from the experts in a specific company or organization. Utilizing the games for training purposes will also help a company meet the OSHA 10/30 requirements for their industry.

“With the gaming options offered by Winning the Training Game, you can achieve several powerful results by using the gamification methodology,” continued Taylor. “Some of the benefits our past clients have achieved include team building, knowledge injection, gap analysis, training support and knowledge retention.”

Additional information about the training options available from Winning the Training Game can be found by visiting the company’s website.


Kay Taylor, the founder of Winning the Training Game, began her research and study of gamification in 2009. At this time, she was interested in the positive effects it had on learning, teaching, retaining information and for training purposes. Based on her years in the corporate sector, working as a trainer, she gleaned all the most essential elements to create an innovative and fresh training tool. The assembly of her team

began to help ensure that anyone utilizing her new training tool would achieve the desired results.

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